It’s a bunch of sketches of Sora plus John getting patched up cause he almost died. It was a scary experience!

Oh I’ve been slacking so I guess I’ll fill this in to make up for it!

1. Art is my main “thing” so to speak, but I also write! A lot! Also I do accounting.

2. I have been growing out my hair for a long time. It goes further than halfway down my back now.

3. I have a major addiction to sushi. My favourite regular spots are Sushi Mart on Robson St, and Kyzock on W Pender in Vancouver. If I can spare the money I love going to Guu though.

4. My game of choice is Shadowrun, which I try to play twice a week, once as a player and once as a GM. Previously I was super into Ragnarok Online.

5. Speaking of Ragnarok Online, my Well-Chewed Pencil is still one of the most popular lower headgears in iRO. Whee~

6. My two most commonly used names in MMOs are Samias and Xyra, sometimes with last names ie Samias Dragonlord or Xyra Fhoan. In FFXIV, I used Samias Lemura instead.

7. I also do some certain blue, Resistance-y agent stuff under the name Samias. If you know what I mean.

8. I’m a really mediocre cook with no improvisation skill so I let my fiance handle it most of the time. But for Thanksgiving I made the veggies, parsnips and carrots. I only slightly screwed them up. Turns out parsnips take a lot longer to cook than I thought.

9. I’m so busy I sometimes buy games at launch and never play them…

10. I go to There Is No Easy Mode trivia every month at EXP. GO TEAM ONLY SLIGHTLY DERANGED!! We got something like 7100 points on the Nintendo night like holy wow.

So let’s see, 10 followers? Hm… @twofacedjanus (I don’t know why this isn’t converting?) adeat oldearthaccretionist asphaltvalkyrie imadinorawrrwar mybrainranaway (again haha!) bundeggi samkalensky balcerzak ninalyncoco

Sorry if I’m annoying you *bow*

It’s Mii Sora, exhibiting her martial arts prowess in Smash Bros!

*shed tear* I’m so happy

And there’s also Mii John Doe, who I decided to make a dashing swordsman.

A rough scribble before I lose myself to Smash Bros for the weekend…

I was too lazy to pull out my camera to do a placeholder picture before I scan my sketchbook so I tried my Surface… um, yeah, that was a poor idea. As far as I know there’s no focus adjustment (?!)

On the other hand, it’s October and I couldn’t help posting my natural self in the wild. Don’t worry, I won’t crawl out of your computer screen.

…Or will I?

A few months ago I nearly gave up on this picture. But I saw it and it had so much going for it, so I pushed myself hard and LOOK AT IT AHH I did BGs and stuff I’m so happy

Gasp I did a thing

is it canon?

"Hey drekheads, you wanna fuck with my friends? My family? Well, now you’re going to have to deal with me, you pieces of shit!

Sora putting her 1 charisma and code of honour to work

Anonymous Asked
QuestionDid Sora seriously yell "What the fuck are you're doing", or was that a typo? Answer

That was a typo! Thanks for catching it. I’ve gone and corrected it.

As a side note, I am a terrible proofreader who often writes the wrong word or omits words entirely. So when people point out things like this I really appreciate it.

Anonymous Asked
Questionis john played by a male? Answer

Yeah. John is played by my fiance. But he told me “I can do whatever I want” when I write my journals so I cackle maniacally and then do just that.